Steps to Plan a Redneck Wedding

You’ve made the decision on a redneck wedding theme and now you need help to plan a redneck wedding! Where to start, what decorations to have, where to have it…so many things to consider! Well, my hope with this post is to help you with some ideas. This day should not be too stressful….it’s a […]

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Camo Wedding Cake Toppers – Custom & Unique!

If you are looking for truly unique and personal camo wedding cake toppers, then you have to check out what we just found! These wedding cake toppers are custom designed by you and made to your wishes, no matter what they may be. Do you want a camo dress and tux for the bride and […]

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What is a Redneck Wedding?

A lot of people have been questioning what is a redneck wedding. Well, a¬† redneck wedding embodies the redneck philosophy on life; Simple and care-free, surrounded by family and friends with some good food and lots of beer. Their weddings are not uptight, but they are classy in a redneck sort of way. You see, […]

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Redneck Wedding Decorations

If you’re searching for some redneck wedding decorations, you will find them here! We know weddings and we know rednecks, so blend the two together and you have yourself either a classy, redneck wedding or an extremely funny redneck wedding. Yes, a classy, redneck wedding is possible if you use the right decorations! Redneck class […]

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Redneck Party Supplies

All the Redneck Party Supplies you could ever need….. Whether your planning a redneck birthday party, redneck wedding or just a plain ole’ redneck get together, you can find all the redneck party supplies that you need right here. Redneck parties are some of the funnest, down-home parties that I have ever been to. Make […]

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Redneck Wedding Food

When it comes to making the plans for your redneck wedding food, one thing is for sure – rednecks know how to cook up some good food! Redneck food usually parallels with good ole’ southern cooking. So, your recipe options are definitely plentiful. With that said, lets go through some of the options I came […]

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Redneck Wedding Cake Toppers

  The choice you make for your redneck wedding cake toppers is kind of a big one. After all, it is something that you will keep forever! And let’s face it, redneck cake toppers are completely unique and memorable. There are so many different redneck wedding cake toppers out there, so the big decision is […]

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Redneck Bachelorette Party Ideas

  Redneck Bachelorette Party Browsing for some redneck bachelorette party ideas? We have some ideas and tips for planning an unforgettable redneck bachelorette party. The first BIG question – Does the bride want a G-Rated bachelorette party or a R-Rated Party? (R is for Redneck, so that is the only way to go, by the […]

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DIY Wedding Plant Holders

We love these DIY wedding plant holders! Not only will you be saving money on having someone else do it for you, but you will be creating your own unique style for your wedding…whether it is a redneck wedding or not.                   Materials: Mini Metal Buckets Pkg/12 […]

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Redneck Country Songs

Whether you are looking for redneck country songs for your wedding, birthday party or git-down-shindig, this redneck music list will definitely not disappoint! Not only from my redneck heart, but my husbands….this list is pure redneck music; classic, get-down, homegrown, love you forever, kinda music. Classic Redneck Songs It all started waaayyy back, redneck is […]

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